The Last Time- by Angel


I have had the absolute joy of being the mom to two phenomenal girls.  This year, our family will experience some more milestones. Our first baby girl, Ashlee, will graduate and move on to college and turn 18 in just a few months. Our baby girl, Emalee, will turn 16 and get her drivers license.  Of course, I have the typical ‘where did time go, how are they growing up so fast?!’ However, I also have the greatest memories and reflections of the last times.

I like to look back at life and remember the good, the bad, the ugly, the sweet, and everything in between.  As I think back over things concerning my girls, I find myself recalling the last times that I do not remember.  When was the last time they needed me to help them take a bath, brush their hair, cross the street, or fix their lunch? When was the last time they needed me to tie their shoes or teach them a new task? I can recall doing all these things but I do not remember the exact moment that it was the last time.

Appreciating moments has always been important to me. I like to soak it in and take a step back to look around. Make a mental note of the smells, sounds, who is present, and what exactly we are doing. As the saying goes ‘time flies when you are having fun.’ This statement is so true. However, I have also found that looking back can show us how far we have come and that too should be appreciated.  I am so thankful I had the chance to teach my girls many things but am equally thankful I no longer have to tie their shoes every day.

I think our relationship with God is sometimes the same way. Think of your walk with Christ. You had to learn how to pray, learn how to tithe, learn how to fully trust on God for everything. At some point, we all learn these thing but we do not always realize it in the moment. I like to think God enjoys these teaching moments but also appreciates when we ‘get it.’ Do not get me wrong, we should ALWAYS rely on God for everything. However, if we take a moment and look back at specific areas, for example when you first began praying (or if you just began) compared to a year later (newbies, hang tight, you will get there.) Another thought would be tithing. Most people who are new to church just give when they are at church. As you grow in your Christianity though, you learn God commands we tithe faithfully and sacrificially. God also uses people in our life to teach us lessons. When we finally listen to him and make a mistake for the last time, I have to believe it makes Him smile.


I am so thankful I have had the last time moments with my girls, even if I did not realize in the moment that it would be the last time. I am also so grateful to have experienced last time moments in my relationship with God.  I hope this encourages you to look back and appreciate the last time moments in your life.


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