FIX YOU- by Danny

Chess king, chess pawn, contrast, reflection,

Don’t you wish it was that easy? I wish I could just say, “Alright, I am no longer going to eat junk. I am no longer going to act selfish. I am going to fix me” and it became so. That’s just not how it works, is it? Habits, addictions, and tendencies are giants that do not fall with words alone. One of the biggest problems with bad habits, addictions, and frequent tendencies is that it becomes our identity. That becomes the only thing we see when we look in the mirror. Others begin to label us as this or that, and that perception starts to overtake our personality. We begin to allow our “needs” to morph us into someone else. Someone we do not want to be. We begin to believe we are going to be trapped in this vicious circle forever.

So … we give in.

We take the road of least resistance and settle into our future.  We accept future of loss and depression.  We saw the potential we once had and now realize that we will never see it become reality so why try.  We say things like, “If that’s who you expect me to be then, that’s what I will give you.” “Nobody is going to give me a chance anyway.” “This is what I deserve.”


Actions have consequences, but consequences do not have to last a lifetime. First, we need to learn how to find our identity through Christ. That means that I’m not going to live my life or have expectations according to man and what they want. I find my restoration and future in the way Christ sees me. The enemy would have us believe we are just a pawn, but Christ sees us as kings and queens. To have the strength to overcome these hindrances, we first must believe that WE CAN overcome.  We need to see ourselves as Christ see us.  We need restore our self-worth. We need to understand that maybe not everyone is ready to believe in the “new you” and that we can’t let that put doubt in our mind.

One of the most important, if not THE most important thing, is to find accountability. Find a friend, a group, a pastor, or counselor who has your best interest in mind. We give up way too easy on ourselves, especially the older we get. We can achieve greatness at any stage of life, even if we hit a couple speed bumps or get turned around completely. It won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it to fix you.


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