Happy Anniversary To Us! -by Missy


Little did I know the adventure my life would be when I married Jesse Quiroz 20 years ago today.  You may or may not know that Jesse and I met when I was 15 and he was 14 years old.  I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight but he captured my attention with his witty humor and his bigger than life stories!  I soon fell head over heels in love with this man!  I couldn’t wait to marry him and spend everyday of my life with him.  He definitely hasn’t disappointed; we’ve lived in different states and traveled to many different places.  Always doing what we could to serve others as we both felt from the beginning that we were called to do.  Now, three kids later, surrounded by family and serving our community with a staff and church family that we are in love with, I just couldn’t be more blessed! So in honor of today I thought it would be fun to list…

20 Reasons Why I LOVE Jesse A. Quiroz:

1. Follows God no matter what
2. Love’s Me  🙂
3. Best Dad Ever
4. A Selfless Leader
5. Loves people
6. Family is priority
7. He still makes me laugh everyday!
8. A good looking guy!
9. Loves to have fun
10. Is a Dreamer
11. A laid back guy, unless he’s hungry!
12. Leaves me letters to read
13. Sees the best in people
14. Fearless
15. Passionate
16. He keeps me grounded
17. Good at anything He tries
18. Admits when he’s wrong
19. Doesn’t worry what people think
20. My Superman

As I look back on all that we have done together it only excites me for what we have ahead!  I can’t wait to see where God leads us, leads our family, and this church as we continue to follow Him!  Happy Anniversary to US!



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