blog-graphicThis past Sunday, I took the last antibiotic pill I was prescribed to take by my doctor to overcome some insane congestion I had that was quite debilitating. We’re walking into the cold and flu season and it welcomed me with open arms. I hate being sick!

I was out of it for about ten days. Achiness, respiratory congestion, sore throat and coughing was my life during that time and it was horrible. The massive bummer of it all was the fact that I had to keep my distance from the rest of the family; seemingly quarantining myself for their safety and health.

It wasn’t cool not being able to connect with the boys over a game of basketball or to pick up my little girl and nestle a kiss into her fluffy little cheek. It was tough, but what had to be even tougher was the fact that my wife had to pick up all of my slack. If you ask my wife, she’ll tell you that when I’m sick, it’s harder on her than it is me. And I totally get that. We both carry responsibilities to make our home function (i.e., household chores, homework help, tending to a very demanding toddler, etc.)

She literally becomes Wonder Woman (which BTW opens in theaters nationwide next summer!)

There was a moment within that 10-day period watching Missy operate in overdrive mode where I thought to myself, ‘What if I was single? What if I didn’t have the blessing of having a partner to help with life and its responsibilities when I’m weakened or sick?’ Then I began to think about all of the single parents out there in the world.

Single parents don’t have the opportunity to ‘tag out’ of their family responsibilities and allow their spouse to play double duty until they heal. Single parents don’t have that luxury. They’re forced to find strength to push forward at all times, even when they find themselves in a 10-day congestive valley coughing their lungs out…they still have to help with the homework, they still have to draw the bath, they still have to be Wonder Woman or Superman.

I just wanted to take this blog post and send a gigantic SHOUT OUT to all of the single parents I know or don’t know in this world. You are true heroes, tasked with leading at a level that many of us don’t. Single parents, please know the investment you are pouring into your child is enormous and know your child will most assuredly see that…and in fact appreciate you TWICE as much as my kids will ever appreciate me. Because you did it for two! I pray you feel the power and resource of our God as you carry out your parenting in ways I and so many others truly appreciate you for.

In fact, let’s take a moment within the next day or two and find a way to encourage a single parent by grabbing them a cup of coffee at work, or bringing them over a KFC meal for dinner and telling them you love them, writing them a note of appreciation or simply just praying for them, because they are some amazing human beings and they should be honored as such.

‘Being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but a journey for the strong.’ Meg Lowery

Much love to you! Especially during this cold and flu season!



2 thoughts on “WHAT IF I WAS SINGLE- by Jesse

  1. Your blog is so appreciated. I can not tell you the amount of times I wish I had someone to help me when the car broke down, the kitchen sink handle broke, the toilet wouldn’t flush. The days when you feel so sick as you did but yet you still have to make sure your child eats. My mom and dad raised 8 kids. For the most part my mom took care of everything concerning the kids unless we got into trouble then your life was about to end because dad stepped in (not really but it was scary). I asked her one dad how she does it and she told me you just do it, you just do what needs to be done without giving it a second thought. When I look back at when my daughter was young, she’s 20 now I believe thats how I got thru things. I knew what needed to be done at that moment for my daughter, for our home, and for our well being. Just like your wife knows exactly what needs to be done for each individual in your household. Thank you mom for that bit of advice and thank you Missy for being the strong woman you are and nursing Jesse back to health so he can continue to deliver the most inspiring messages to all of us.

  2. Thank you. It is a full time job being both parents in 1. I really appreciate being recognized and try doing the best that I can, with Gods help I couldn’t do it alone if not for his guidance. I’ve been a single parent since 09, and at P.T.C teachers tell me that I’ve done very well. Which like I said before, I do my best. I pray that you get well soon. It’s no fun being sick for the holidays. God Bless you.

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