I Cannot Wait- by Tim



As many of you may know my wife Ashley is pregnant and that is very exciting. I have always wanted to be a Dad and by Monday afternoon I should be holding one amazing little girl.

I want to share something with you that most people do not know about me … I have always wanted to be a Dad, I just have. I remember as a kid thinking when I grow up and have kids I’m going to get them a motorcycle or a go-cart, something really fast that they can ride. Will I still do that?  Yes, but I’ll make her wear a helmet.

I’m going to wrap this up really because I may be leaving for the hospital shortly-I don’t know … As we get closer to having one amazing kid I can only think about one thing: how much I already love her even though I haven’t even met her face to face yet. It is more than a feeling and it’s hard to explain but it has allowed me to see the flip side of how Christ feels about me.  I think I’ve already forgiven her for using crayons on the wall or even sneaking out of the house to go fishing. Not that there won’t be correction for her actions but I think I have already forgiven her.

I cannot wait to post pictures and share with you all our new little girl.  Please be praying for a quick and easy delivery for my amazing wife, Ashley. Just so you all know, I asked our Doctor last night if we could get a discount on the hospital bill since I will be performing minor surgery cutting the chord. She laughed then said no …


God Bless



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