What A Week- by Morio


As I sit here starving for sleep, my brain continues to replay the last week over and over in my head. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a crazy “busy” life; always bouncing from one place to the next. Trying to figure out how I will make this mandatory meeting, a doctor’s appointment, get back in time to get Nat off the bus, pick up Grace from the high school, Mase and Logan from middle school football practice, and then rush back to get Ki and Davion to the city park for their football practice, all in a 3-hour window. This a normal day for Jamie and I this time of year. But this week I did not have Jamie!

On Tuesday, she had to have emergency surgery which will keep her down for a couple months. Now It’s a whole different ballgame! Now, I realize what God meant when He said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” I start to hear the phrase ‘You don’t know what you got till its gone.’ I then began to realize that I take Jamie for granted on a daily basis, with the assumption that whenever I need her she will be there. I love when life reveals these little golden nuggets to me. The only thing I don’t like so much is the way these nuggets reveal the flaws in my life, that I hardly ever look at until something like this happens. I said all of that to say this, never overlook your today because you’re so focused on yesterday and tomorrow.

Being a pastor, I often get to hear about or witness the loads carried by my brothers and sisters who desperately need some weight lifted off their shoulders. This week I had to use my own advice and realize the people God has placed in my life today are there for a reason. To help carry the load that life throws my way. I appreciate what I have. I know we were not created to do this alone. I’m grateful to have such an amazing wife, children, family, and supporting cast in my life. Now if I would only use them…



One thought on “What A Week- by Morio

  1. I know the feeling. We get lost in translation (transit😉) I really enjoyed Sundays sermon. The Schedule. Its getting time to actually sit and write one is the issue. Right now my 28 year old daughter who is a mother of three has no vehicle. (a good lesson) She returned one realizing she couldn’t afford $300 a month. So she returned it. Now I make 3 trips back and fourth to school. Taking and picking up. And as if I didn’t have enough transporting I decided to help out a friend and take care of their 2 year old (very smart). Little cramped this morning but out of the mouth of babes, she says “I think I’m ready for coffee and donuts” 0615… I’ve come to realize I may not be employed for a reason, because God knows others need me right now. So I have stopped beating myself up about not being able to work right now. Ever in a pinch I’m available after 1530.

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