Growing Like Weeds by-Morio

image1Growing like weeds. I can’t tell you how many times I heard that phrase growing up. It seemed like the popular thing to say among the people who hadn’t seen you in a while. They were usually referring to the three feet and facial hair you had grown over the 10 years since they’d last seen you. Recently, I found myself using the same terminology when I talked to others about their kids and now even say it about my own.

I can humbly admit that I never fully grasped the meaning of the phrase until we planted our garden this year. We usually do raised gardens, which minimizes the weeding process. But, we figured we would take it to “A Whole Nutha Level” this year, and go big. It’s only been three weeks and I can already tell I’m in way over my head. Now don’t get me wrong, we are seeing some amazing growth in the seeds and seedlings that we planted, but the weeds seem to be growing at an accelerated rate.

As I was thinking about this, I couldn’t help but notice how much this relates to my life as well. God has planted some amazing things in my life. These things will produce good fruit with the right amount of water and Son. On the other hand, I have this flesh. Which, being born into sin, has a natural tendency to produce the weeds that are native to its soil. If left unattended, the weeds can get out of hand and become unmanageable very quickly. Before you know it, the weeds have overtaken and become the focus of the garden instead of the plants the garden was intended for. So just like that garden, we have to take action quickly against the weeds that pop up in our lives so that we can focus on our intended purpose.

Remember when in the beginning I was talking about those kids of mine growing like weeds? Well, they actually taught me another lesson in all of this! It’s a whole lot easier weeding a garden when you have help! So don’t neglect the resources God has placed in your life to help you along the way.


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