Thoughts In My Head by-Missy


I woke up this morning and walked into the living room as Jesse and our sons’, Micah and Javan, were getting ready to walk out the door to head for breakfast at McDonalds to celebrate the last day of school.  Micah’s face looked grave as he gave me a good morning wave; he had thoughts of four finals to tackle before he could enjoy his summer.  Javan on the other hand is not yet in High School so he was in full on celebration mode.  He had packed a large Ziploc bag full of sandwiches and another grocery bag full of fruit snacks that he planned to share with friends at school.  Saying with a big smile on his face “I’m gonna eat like a king.”

Then once they were out the door the house was again peaceful. I began to reflect on this past Sunday’s service where God took us in a different direction than was planned.  My thoughts rang with the words Jesse used to challenge us.  The main theme was to give God our willingness.  That challenge stirred in me the desire to continue to push forward, to again lay down anything that would keep me from going after God, and to show me that there are great things ahead for us to do as the church.

Even with all these great things going on I had to check myself as I thought back to yesterday. I had found myself having a really bad attitude.  I was being short tempered with my husband, who didn’t deserve it.  I was getting mad over silly things, walking around doing chores and cooking with a chip on my shoulder.  I realized last night before I went to bed that I didn’t even really have a reason to be upset and I was dampening everyone’s positive atmosphere with my grumpiness.  I saw just how easily and fast I can turn good things into something ugly if I am not keeping my mind on God and enjoying the great times with my family.

In my quiet time today I read in Proverbs chapter 2 that “Good sense will scout ahead for danger, insight will keep you from making wrong turns, or following the bad directions.”  I am so thankful that as I keep close to God, He will make sure to show me when I make a bad decision or a wrong turn. I thought that if I didn’t have that soft heart because of my connection or that time to spend with Him, how would He be able to show me this?

Those are my thoughts!



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