It’s a Great Day to Be Alive — by Tim


Hmmmmm, the title to my blog just happens to also be a country song, but we’ll get to that in a second…

I want to take just a few minutes to talk about comfort zones. If you’re anything like me there are things you’re comfortable doing and then there are things that are out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it’s hard to get past what we think is awkward and we miss out on great opportunities of growth in our lives. Let me give you some of my own personal examples, which in doing so by the way, is out of my own comfort zone. I want to, though, because I know there is going to be growth on the other side of the awkwardness. It’s like opening up a can of soup. The more you use that can opener the easier the soup comes out of the can.

So here are three examples of times when I experienced personal growth by pushing through the awkwardness…

When I started coming to Journey Church they asked me to play guitar on the worship team. The first answer I gave them was no, but now I’m the worship pastor. I’d say some growth came from the decision to go ahead and play ‘just’ one Sunday.

I called my brother up one night about four years ago and forgave him. He used to be a bit of a bully. Guess what? The result of that phone call was extraordinary. It was as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. We had a good cry over the phone and now have a great relationship.

Lastly, when it comes to singing and playing guitar, I still get nervous every time I play in front of people. On Easter Sunday I was shaking like a leaf before each service.  I pushed through and got to be part of some amazing services. People made decisions to start a life quest after Jesus, which is awesome. And I got to be a part of that!

Next weekend at Journey we will be playing a song just for fun by Travis Tritt entitled It’s a Great Day to Be Alive. I love the title. I love being alive and having weird, awkward feelings sometimes. I encourage you to embrace what may be a little out of your comfort zone and let God do what He does best: change lives.

God Bless

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