The Sweet Life — by Danny

SweetLife_BrooksYeah, that’s me at one of the top rated beaches in America, with a chocolate chip cookie in my mouth and sunshine and the ocean at my back. I am not going to lie … it was a pretty sweet moment.

What you don’t see is my wife who had to talk me into driving the two and a half hours to get to this beach. You don’t see my friend who requested a pic of me eating a cake by the beach while listening to “Cake by the Beach.” I didn’t have any cake so he settled for a cookie. LOL. What you can’t possibly see from this picture is the fact that my friends allowed us to stay at their house and take over their car for a week for FREE.

There is no way you could possibly figure out from this shot that while I am out of town, I have friends covering any needs that the Children’s Ministry has while I am out of pocket. There is also a friend who is checking on my house and animals so that I don’t have to worry about them and I can enjoy my time off, but you probably can’t see her in the picture, either. Without each one of these people in my life, this moment doesn’t happen.

Whether you are on a journey or have reached a destination, it truly is the people that make the best moments. It was pretty sweet to be on the beach, but the thing I love the most about my life are the people I have in it. These same people know that they can count on me to be there for them when they need me. It is so important that we surround ourselves with positive impact people. Can you look around your environment and know that the people who inhabit it are on your team? People will say “Man you are so lucky to have friends like that.” It is not luck that brings great people into your life. It is a choice to not to settle for people who drain and abuse you.

I believe isolation is the biggest enemy to progress and happiness, but surrounding yourself with people who drain and abuse your relationship is a close second. You can’t have the sweet life without loving people surrounding you. Jesus even surrounded himself with core people so that He could live the sweet life while He was here and even after He rose.

One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is John 21. One of Jesus’ last moments on Earth, and He decides to chill with his friends and eat some breakfast. There is nothing sweeter than having legit friends who care about you and who you care about. There are great people in this world that can change yours for the better.


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