Support Systems — by Jesse

SupportSystem_JQuirozWe just celebrated 7 months of Aisha a couple of weeks ago, and the difference between who she is today and who she was when she was first placed in our arms feels like night and day.

Her abilities for mobility are seemingly increasing exponentially. We took this pic a few nights ago while her brothers were compelling her to do something she really has never done before, move from a sitting position to an army crawling position. They were doing whatever it took to compel her away from the comfort of sitting on her can to bring her over to her pink owl.

I could see the psychological battle taking place in her mind as she compared the comfort of where she was to what she wanted that stood out of her reach. After about a half-hour of compelling, she finally did it. And she was rewarded with that pink owl wherein she showed it some intense slobbery love.

What an accomplishment! We all clapped and cheered as she watched with curiosity our loud claps and loud sounds and smiles. She seemed to really be proud of what she did. Support systems are so key to creating successful moments in our lives.

And I guess that’s my question to you today: Do you have a support system around your life?

Support systems are meant to be around all of our lives to do just that: support. The raw definition of support means enable (meaning to to impart ability). People that exist around you to pull and push you forward, away from where you are.

I honestly credit the support system I have placed around my life to the success God allows my life to experience. Because I can’t get there alone, like my daughter, I don’t see my undiscovered abilities until someone pushes me to attain them.

In short, my prayer is for your life’s support system. Who are they? And if you don’t have one, get one. I’m telling you, there’s a pink owl in it for you just waiting for you to slobber on it!

‘A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.’
– Robert Heinlein



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