Building Blocks — by Morio

BuildingBlocks_WrayThis past weekend, myself along with countless other members of our Adopt-A-Block team hosted our first annual Adopt-A-Block Block Party. There were bounce houses, concessions, life-sized games, raffles and much more. We were there to celebrate the transformation God has allowed us to be a part of in our community. But this transformation goes much further than just mowing some grass, trimming some trees and removing a couple of eye sores. God is using us to transform lives!

Through this outreach, we have built relationships with the residents that go far beyond just a work day. Several residents of the block have begun to attend church while others have served with us, and we even had a couple donate their fence for the kids to paint while attending the block party. All in all, God is continuing to make an impact in this community through the efforts of His people!

While sitting back reminiscing on the amazing events of last Saturday, I kept seeing images of the field where we held the Block Party. But these images were not of the people, the bounce houses or games; I saw the field as it was before. Overgrown trees, broken bottles, littered with trash, and weeds that were 10-feet tall.

Then, I saw the purpose behind the images. God was showing me how he can take something that this world would call ‘a mess’ and use it to bring joy to all those around it. Afterwards, I began to see the parallel between my life and this field. God chose to clean me up despite the fact that I was considered ‘a mess’ and has given me a heart and purpose to serve others and bring joy to the world around me.

Just a quick reminder before I go. No matter how much junk or clutter we are carrying around … God is willing to step in, clean us up and use us to make impact in the world around us.



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