Tell Your Story — by Steve

Version 2Everybody has one. But for some reason, we are reluctant to share it. Our opinions … heck, you don’t even need to ask for them. We give those out freely. But our story … not so much.

And before you start in with the line about not having a story let me stop you right there. EVERYBODY has one, without a doubt. Like those we heard this past Sunday from Tim and Angel and Morio. You may not like yours as much as some others’ stories, but you most definitely have one. And I have one, too.

Two years ago this month, I resigned my (by the world’s standards) great job at The Boeing Company to follow a word God had placed in my heart and life. I quit my good-paying, benefits-providing, respect-garnering and society-approved professional position to volunteer at my church. Crazy some said. Stupid others murmured behind my back. But none of it mattered. I KNEW what HE had said.

Now on to my point … living in a small community (Silex) tucked inside a close-knit and rural county (Lincoln), my assumption was that everyone had heard my story. I believed that everyone that knew me also knew the story. Most do, but many still don’t. Take, for example, a good high-school friend of mine that I recently bumped into at a church service. She said she had been praying for me (awesome) but when I told her what I’ve been doing for the past two years, she had no idea. And yes, we are friends on Facebook.

Here’s the deal: we all LIVE our story every day, and we assume people see it, appreciate it and understand it. But they don’t. In addition to living our story (important), we HAVE TO also TELL it. God’s instructions to us weren’t simply to live a good life and keep to yourself. Not at all. What did He tell us to do with our life? Go tell all the nations.

So my challenge today is two-fold. First, know your story. Be comfortable with it because God gave it to you. Accept it. And appreciate it. You are incredible and unique. Agree with God on that point. And second, go and tell your story. People want to know you, what you’ve been through, how God is working in and on and through you. YOUR story is absolutely worth telling.

“And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”
Mark 16:15 (NLT)

Your story IS Good News.

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