One Day At A Time — by Missy

Embrace_MQuirozTo Embrace means to “accept willingly and enthusiastically.” Today as I am writing this our daughter, Aisha Kay, is now 7 months old. I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since she came into our lives and has forever changed it.

Life with a baby is a continual adjustment but we are definitely trying to enjoy every minute! She is grabbing everything in her reach, she loves playing peek-a-boo with her brothers and she is being very clingy as many of you know. Having two teenage boys we now know first hand just how fast life goes by (I can’t believe they will both be in high school this fall!).

So each day that I spend with Aisha, I want to embrace the stage that she is at. I have realized the more I am here on this planet just how precious this life is and how we need to embrace the everyday moments. Those everyday moments seem so insignificant as we live them but it’s weird how as soon as we look back we can see just how much of a treasure they are.

This weekend as we saw those close to us lose someone dear to them it again hit me in the face just how fragile and precious life is. We can’t slow it down or speed past the tough parts; we simply just have to embrace it and try to enjoy every minute of every day we get.


“By living one day at a time you’re living all the days of your life.”


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