Empty Eggs — by Angel

EggHunt_LayherEaster Egg Hunts are everywhere. Where to take your little guys and girls to find the candy and hopefully win some prizes is what on the mind of many parents. At Journey, our egg hunt is Saturday, March 26, at 4pm (shameless plug inserted nicelyJ) Our egg hunt is a different than most by one small thing, our eggs are … empty! GASP! What … empty eggs? But we want what is inside, not the hard boring outer egg.

Now rest assured, we are not so cruel that we let your kiddos walk away empty-handed. Each child will actually leave with a fairly big bag of candy (sorry parents J) and some will find the egg with prize tickets and win a prize as well. But, this simple concept of empty eggs has me thinking about us as people.

In general, we want to know people. What are they like on the inside, what do they hide with their “shells” that by just looking we do not see? How do we find the treasure hidden on the inside of our “eggs”? Once time has been invested we, as humans, let down our shells and allow others to see the inside. This is not always an easy task for everyone.

Have you ever met that person who just seems to be so guarded and the walls are just too thick to crack. Take a moment and think about the struggles they must have faced and the hurt they have experienced to get them to that point. Maybe you are that person.

Today, I just want to encourage two things:

  • One, bring your little guys to our egg hunt on Saturday, March 26, at 4pm in the backyard at Journey Church.
  • Two, take a moment to look inside your shell. Are you letting your treasure show and then remember to look past the outside of others. I assure you no one is really completely empty; their inside rewards just may be shared in a different way.

“Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.”

2 Timothy 1:14 (NIV)

Happy Easter.



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