Disconnected — by Morio

Disconnected_WrayOn Saturday mornings, myself and a few others meet up at a café in Wentzville to share life, enjoy some great food and study apologetics. (It is the evidence to support why we believe what we believe.) As I sat there drinking my coffee and going over my notes waiting for the guys to show up, my attention was drawn to a mother and son as they entered the café.

I’ll admit that I’m a “professional” people watcher, but that’s not the reason they caught my attention. My attention was drawn to them because the young man, probably around 13 or 14 had a look on his face that would scare a lion. I could tell that he was just so happy to be spending time with the woman who gave birth to him and loved him more than he would ever know or imagine.

So as they sat down I continued to observe them. The mother tried to engage in conversation but was quickly put on the other side of a smart phone that I’m sure she’s paying the bill for. She instantly got discouraged but tried again… After several more attempts to connect with her son, she conceded and began to look at her phone as well. I couldn’t help but ask myself, “How have we become so disconnected?”

I immediately thought to myself, is this how God feels with us?

Like the mother, He wants that intimate one-on-one connection, but we are so caught up on crap that doesn’t matter like our phones, games, sports and more that we totally tune him out. As Christians, our disconnection is usually caused by reducing or eliminating our personal time with God. Rarely does our relationship dry up if we are reading His Word and spending time in discussion. Also known as prayer in most circles.

Are you feeling disconnected in any area of your life? Whether it’s God, your family, your job or any other area, I challenge you to spend some personal one-on-one time in that area and see how the tide begins to turn.

I’ll leave you with this … WHAT YOU FEED WILL GROW! WHAT YOU STARVE WILL DIE! Who and what is eating/starving in your life?


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