Memories v Dreams — by Missy

MemoriesDreams1_MQuiroz“Memories take us back but dreams take us forward.”

This quote is one that came alive to me this weekend. On Saturday, our family celebrated my Mom’s 60th birthday. (Mom, I hope you don’t mind I just told everyone your age.) It was a day to celebrate all that Bev Garner is and all that she has done for us as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandma. We looked back on our special memories of her, and we are so grateful for who she is.

For me, and for many of you that know her, she is a very giving person. She will do anything for you and never expect anything in return. One of my favorite qualities about her is that she isn’t afraid to try something and do it. Many times she has pushed me past my comfort zone and has shown me that I can accomplish and do things I never thought I could. It was so great to look back and honor someone who has lived a life deserving of honor!

MemoriesDreams2_MQuirozAlso, this weekend was the Youth Takeover service at Journey Church. It was such an encouragement to see the youth serving in so many capacities. The level of talent in our youth blew me away! Every aspect of the service was so strengthening to my life.

Of course, the moment when I saw my son step up on that stage and speak to our church was something that changed me. This past Sunday helped me to see into the future. I now see them as God followers that will step up and lead the next generation closer to God … Wow!

These two events have brought to my mind that it is good to look back at times. To remember the events and people that have made you who you are and to also continue to pray for our youth and to make sure they know they have a place as they follow God and look to find their purpose for their lives.

These things may seem far apart but they work together as the past is handing off to those in the future!


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