Spark My Interest — by Tim

Spark_OverstreetI have a very short attention span. I won’t relate myself to a squirrel but at times my mind wonders a bit. I think like most people, I am more engaged in conversation or even listening to others talk when I am intrigued by what they are saying or generally interested in what they are saying. Stay with me here …

A good friend and mentor reminded me recently that when I was a teenager, I would sit in the nursery room of our church and watch the pastor preach on Sunday mornings. Why in the world would I rather watch a black and white television monitor instead of sitting in service?

Lets combine the above two paragraphs. First off, we have established the fact that I have a short attention span. Secondl, I was intrigued by a small black-and-white TV. The TV sparked my interest enough to make me watch Pastor Dave preach. Relax … I was a teenager; I’m sure Dave understands.

Is that a bad thing? NO! It is crazy to think about, but technology grabs our attention, even a black and white TV. It was amazing; it was the early ‘90s and they were “streaming video” into the nursery!

Technology can be harmful or beneficial; it all comes down to how we use it. This Easter at Journey Church, you are going to be seeing all sorts of new and interesting things. Why? Because it is a great way to get scripture in our hearts and minds.

We all need to get God’s Word in us; holding onto it like it’s our final lifeline. Notice I’m not saying you ‘need’ to because God’s Word really is OUR lifeline. We are in this together.

Love you all.

P.S. Funny story … about four months ago my friend and mentor Tom was playing guitar one Sunday at journey Church, and he caught me watching Jesse’s message on a TV much nicer than when I was a teenager.

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