Teens Taking Over — by Jake

YouthTakeover_LawrenceThey’re everywhere. Most of us cannot go a full day without crossing paths with them. I know some of you try, but it’s impossible. The fact of the matter is the world will never be without … teenagers.

Yes, this group of human beings who are in that stage in life that all adults have already faced; most of us have made it out. Some adults, however, seem stuck in adolescence. This is why we at Journey Church are so passionate about youth ministry.

We strive to provide a place where students in grades 6-12 can come and grow in faith, wisdom and maturity. These are the people who will be running the companies we rely on; they will be the legislators we will have to choose from. I, for one, wish for them to walk into adulthood with a strong grasp on who THEY are and who JESUS is.

So, to showcase what God is doing through the lives of the teens that attend Journey Church, this Sunday, March 13, we present JOURNEY YOUTH TAKEOVER. Not only will we be lead into worship by our amazingly talented youth worship team, we will also get the chance to hear from a group of students whose lives are being transformed by Jesus and why it’s so important to them to be surrounded by adults who believe in them.

Please join us this Sunday at Journey Church for the Journey Youth Takeover.


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