Once I Was 30 Years Old — by Danny

30YearsOld_BrooksOnce I was 30 years old and that story has been told. Soon I’ll be 40 years old and I can’t help and wonder what that story will sound like. The past 31 years have been amazing … I mean I can really only remember like 20 years vaguely, but it has been an exciting ride.

I think looking in the rearview mirror briefly is a good thing. Look at what you have accomplished, look at how much you have changed, look how much the world around you has changed; it can be mind boggling to reminisce. You start to ask questions like “how did I survive and thrive under those circumstances?” or “I could not have made it without this person or that person.”

We can also look back and see a lot of missed opportunities. Some missed opportunities are not because we didn’t want to do them, but because there is no pause button. Life rolls on and the world keeps spinning even when life looks like a blur and you feel like you are caught in quicksand unable to keep up.

What do you do with all that is left undone though? That’s the question. What do you do with all of the undone dreams and unanswered questions? I believe in evaluation through prayer in these circumstances. What I mean by that is are these questions and dreams affecting my purpose. Has their time passed? Is this still something God wants me to still do or still be asking?

If you look in the rearview mirror, you have to be able to allow some things to fade into the distance so you can get to your final destination. Give up the good for what God has waiting for you. If you seek His answers in your time of confusion, you will get clarity. I don’t want to have 40 pass me by and I am still on the side of the road focusing on landmark moment I should have passed at 31.

Keep rolling. You are just getting started, but you might have to drop some baggage (even some nice looking baggage) along the way. If you want greatness you will have to sacrifice average.

While you’re thinking about all that, take a look at this music video of a new song I kind of like. It was my inspiration for this blog — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHCob76kigA 

Enjoy the ride.

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