Women Should Be Silent — by Jesse


Journey Staff guys waiting backstage to take on the staff ladies in an epic smack-talk battle this past Sunday.

This past Sunday at Journey Church, we walked into our Fifth Annual Easter Egg Candy Contest. The contest this year is a rematch of last year: the staff guys v. the staff girls! Last year, the guys took a heartbreaking loss and had to do a polar plunge into the coldest water I’ve felt in my life. It was horrible.

But here we go again! (fingers crossed)

To promote this year’s contest … we played a video highlighting the four previous contests and their results, and immediately following the video we had the staff guys walk onto the platform from one side and the staff girls walk onto the platform from the other side with dramatic music blaring as we stared each other down. And the trash talk began!

It was epic. Verbal slams were being thrown at each other at such levels and gauging the audience reactions, there were moments you would have thought you were at a comic battle at the Apollo! Again, it was epic!

A standout moment for me was when in a moment where the ladies were cheerfully supporting a slam given by one of our staff girls, Jake Lawrence (our Youth Pastor) walked up, grabbed the microphone, opened his bible to 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 and said ‘Women should remain silent in the church.’

The reaction in the room to that moment incited a roar of laughter and playful boos that I was completely … blown … away.

Blown away at the fact we can have such fun as the church. Blown away at how a scripture LIKE THAT could be quoted from the platform to bring unity in the room instead of division as I watched women and men looking at each other laughing and smiling (and it’s important to note, we don’t believe that verse carries any relevance in today’s church and culture. Because that scripture in CONTEXT was a cultural command to the Corinthian church who was known for chaos and disorder in their services and later on the chapter it even asked for men to be silent as well in certain parts of the services – again context is everything. I mean, come on, some of the GREATEST preachers on this planet are women).

Sadly, I’ve personally witnessed such division and dissent within the faith community over scriptures like that. Churches have split over stuff like this. Congregations have been torn apart over the debate of a woman’s place in the church. It was and is a hot button issue of division.

But here we are this past Sunday reading from that passage (essentially making fun of the misogynistic view that scripture has been forcefully placed behind by the religiously uneducated) and we brought people together. At least, sort of. I have a feeling all that scripture reading did was ignite a greater passion in the ladies (even greater than last year) to see that the guys lose again and that their VOICE is truly heard. So actually, I’m quite nervous.

But blessed nonetheless.

I just wanted to use this blog to say how truly thankful I am for a church like Journey. Win or lose, what our community will see is men and women finding just another way to come together to support God’s cause (through a sugar rush) that will prayerfully bring young families to an Egg Hunt that may not have a relationship with God yet.

And in the process, they’ll meet a church that serves a God who loves them UNCONDITIONALLY … and so will we.


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