New Addition — by Tim

NewAddition_OverstreetWell, I am proud to announce that Ashley and I are now … owners of a new couch! I want to let you into our world of new furniture and feelings of change.

About nine years ago, I was a proud new owner of a brand new double-reclining leather piece of amazingness. Yes, a couch; I was a bachelor, what can I say. The couch was so comfortable and the more time I had it the better it got. Wait for it … here comes the change.

Yesterday I picked up our new furniture set and brought it home with the help of a couple really good friends. At first, I was concerned when we placed the two couches in our living room because of the size. But you know what … Ashley loves them and I do, too! Really that is all that matters. So why did I just tell you about our couches?

When you give your life over to Christ, you have to expect changes in your life. I have had so many changes that I really don’t even know who the old me was anymore. You are going to have to give things up you really love; you are going to experience change. Embrace the change because if you are not changing you are not growing.

Read Romans 12:2. It talks about the change that God wants in all of our lives.

I love the changes Ashley and I are experiencing together, and I really do love the couches.

Embrace the change in your life.
God Bless.

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