Beyond Your Wildest Dreams — by Jesse

WildestDreams_JQuirozI took this pic from the hospital room window at St. Luke’s Hospital during our first night with our new baby.

This week will mark five months since we’ve been graced with Aisha Kay Quiroz. It’s kind of hard to imagine it being that long since the doctor placed that thick head of hair in our arms! But, when I look at the calendar … yep, that was 5 months ago!

Today, she has taken over the family. With everything we do now, she is in the equation. There’s no getting around it, when we want to do something (play a game in the house, go out for dinner, church services events, talking, etc.) we have to consider Aisha.

New life is just that … it’s a NEW LIFE!

The line that separates what life was like before we knew this little chick and what life is like with her in the picture today provides quite the contrast. It is completely different.

A wonder or peculiarity I had going into Aisha joining our little family was how our 15 and 13-year-old sons would receive her. I mean, we had a way of doing life together that we were quite used to, they were THE focus of our parenting for 13-15 years! We had a routine. We had such a strong connection with them. Missy and I have a cult-like connection to our boys that has always been insanely strong. Now, we are adding another into the equation? How will that affect them? Will they feel left out as this little girl is going to require a ton of focus?

I was TRULY concerned about that, even from the first night we slept with her in that hospital room. Which leads me to why I took that picture you see above. I remember praying, ‘God, how is this going to work?’

God spoke to me right there and then with what felt like a gentle mental whisper ‘It will be BEYOND your wildest dreams, Jesse.’ And accompanied with that whisper came images of my sons engaging such love and investment into her life with us. CLICK! I didn’t want to ever forget that moment.

This past weekend, as I was watching some TV show … I heard OVER the TV ‘I’m so stinking glad you’re with us, little girl, you’re a dream.’ I looked over and there was my oldest son lifting her sister up, playing with her in such a way that just melted my heart. CLICK!


The nostalgia of that moment took me all the way back to that hospital room when I shot that first pic (in concern to how life would play out) … and quickly realized how ignorant and untrusting I am many times at the beginning of a new season (no matter what it is) that God has the best of intentions for my life. Why can’t I just trust HIM the whole way through?

I’m learning. LOL.

I don’t know what peculiarities, concerns or wonders you have about HOW your future is going to play out. But, be encouraged that EVERY FUTURE of every Christ follower is HELD inside of the hands of the most caring and loving God we could EVER hope to have. He has the very BEST intentions at heart for your life. I promise.

And time and time again, HE proves that. Trust Him.


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