Sleep Training — by Missy

SleepTraining_MQuirozThis week is a big week for our family. Well, mainly for Aisha because this week we are starting sleep training.

Since I don’t remember any details from when the boys were little, I feel very much like a new parent so I have read lots of books and gotten a lot of different opinions. We have talked about it as a family and we are all dreading what it could be with Aisha but we have decided it is time for her to sleep in her own room, in her own bed.

In some ways it’s an exciting thing for her to take that first step into something that resembles independence; learning to go to sleep on her own. As some of you know, Aisha does not like to sleep. She loves the action and she loves to sit where she can see everything that is going on. A child with this temperament can be challenging and getting her to want to sleep is not going to be an easy task. I don’t know what’s in store for this week or what it will look like but I am getting closer to God as I beg for His help through this next phase.

You may think I’m joking but even with reading all these books it still can’t replace the help that God has been for me. He has been the constant peace when I have been stressed and don’t know what else to do or even the wisdom when I am unsure. These baby phases can be so rewarding and yet so stressful all at the same time. I am just so glad that I have God to guide me through it all.

As you go through your day, your week, your month and year, keep that renewed focus that He is going to help you be the best you. He’ll give you the best advice and most strength when you need it. He’s just waiting for you to ask. Don’t get too busy or too stressed that you forget He can make life less stressful and so much more rewarding.


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