The Season to Look Back — by Missy


Me with my parents and siblings

During the Christmas season I tend to reflect a lot on my life. This season while reflecting I thought of family … not just my immediate family but the family I grew up with.

Since moving back home almost seven years ago now, I thought it would be so much easier to spend time with my parents, my brother and sister and their families. You see, we were all really close growing up; they were like my best friends and we enjoyed our time together as kids and then as teenagers we hung out, our friends being the same group since we were not more than three years apart.


Playing with my brother Brad and my sister Leah. That’s me in the middle.

Now reflecting over these seven years and how busy life has been with starting a church and us raising our kids, I see that time has gone by fast and my lack of connection has brought distance between us and I regret that. I had a great childhood and I want to honor those relationships that formed who I am today.

I have decided this Christmas season to do more to connect; to reach out and to make the decision to do my part in staying close because I know that not only will I benefit but they will as well. So, I challenge each person reading this to reconnect and reach out to those you have been close to in the past and for whatever reason have lost that connection with.

We can always think of reasons not to but instead connect with those that have helped you be who you are today! I love quotes, so I’ll leave you this one:



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