A Complete Stranger — by Tim

Airplane_OverstreetSo I am sitting on a plane last year headed to Africa. Our first flight was St. Louis to Toronto and from there we would be making the long journey across the ocean to Africa but the story I am about to tell you happened on that short plane ride to Toronto.

I believe in God moments, where there is no way you can explain what is or has taken place. I have been on a plane headed home from Germany and have sat next to a complete stranger. While talking to him on the long ride I find out he was just with my brother a week prior working on a mercy ship with an organization called Youth With A Mission. Crazy right? God is the perfect planner!

Anyway, I’m sitting on the small plane headed to Toronto and the man sitting next to me sparks up a conversation. We had some small talk for awhile and then ended up talking about our lives. It was crazy because here we are complete strangers and we were sharing deep parts of our lives with each other. I remember telling him, ‘this is a God moment, man, and we are meant to be having this conversation right now.’ At the end of the flight he gave me his card and said to let him know how the trip went.

So finally last month I sent him an email with a couple pictures of the orphanage in Africa we visited, wondering if he even remembered me? This was part of his response:

I have often reflected over the last year of our discussion and how people come in and out of one another’s life, and how truly important it is to take the time to share and to listen. You had a great impact on me and appreciated the stories we shared.”

Not only was he impacted, but I was, too. God used a complete stranger to speak into my life! The only reason we had the conversation is because we were both on the same plane ride and here is a crazier part of the story. I wasn’t going to sit next to him because the plane was not full but the flight attendant made me get up and move because the size of the plane. God knew what he was doing.

God moments … ah, I love it! What’s yours? Lets hear them.


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