I Have A Dream — by Morio

MLKDreamI have a dream. In this dream, there is a community of people who stand united in one cause. That cause is to make the community we live in and the surrounding areas a place where as the great Pastor (of the LA Dream Center) Matthew Barnett would say, “We find a need and fill it, and find a hurt and heal it!”

I see a place where WE, along with our children can have safety, security, and the opportunity to dream without being hindered by social and economic barriers. I see a place where we all come together to answer the call of our neighbors without hesitation. I see a place where we fill the voids that life can leave. Some would say this kind of place only exist in our DREAMS? I would say that we can begin to create this place one moment and one situation at a time.

On Monday, there was a Daddy Donut Day at school, and there was a young man who in the words of his mother, “Was upset and uncharacteristically quiet.” Why you ask? Because his daddy wasn’t going to be there. I know what it’s like to be in that situation as my dad was killed when I was a young boy, so on “Daddy Days” I was either there by myself or with my mother. I was always grateful that she showed up but it just wasn’t the same.

So I put myself in his shoes and began to imagine the thoughts that might run through his young mind, the dream that he envisioned for that day. To stand in line with a man by his side just like the other kids. To give a high five, or a gut shot to a man that is there just to put a smile on his face and to show him that he is significant, that he is worth the time, and most importantly that a man loves him. Also, to not have to answer that dreaded question from his friends and classmates, “ Why he doesn’t have a dad there?”

I had the opportunity to be the person that filled one of those voids for this lil’ man that I hold very near and dear to my heart. I’m no one special, just someone willing to step up and answer the call to be the person in his life that I longed to have in my own when I was a child.

We all have what it takes to make this place I see in my dreams a reality; we just have to grasp each moment and make every opportunity count. Who is dreaming around you today? What part can you play in fulfilling the dreams of those around you?


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