I Married My Best Friend — by Jake

TimWedding_LawrenceOn Saturday, November 7, 2015, I had the great privilege to marry my best friend.

And yes, my wife, Nancy, and I have been married for 11 years. Allow me to clarify. I had the great honor of performing the ministerial duties for the wedding ceremony of Tim and Ashley Overstreet. It will definitely be one of the greatest memories between me and a guy who has been as close as a brother since we were 14 years old. For Tim, his marriage to Ashley is the culmination of a lot of prayer and perhaps even more patience. He definitely deserves someone as great as Ashley.

Everyone deserves a friend as great as Tim. I get pulled aside all the time by those also close to him who tell me that if it wasn’t for our friendship, Tim may be in a totally different place right now. They tell me that Tim needed me. While I understand and agree even, I must admit that I need Tim. You do, too…well, maybe not Tim specifically, but a friend that’s just as close.

A friend such as this is what everyone needs. Everyone. Someone who provides help when I’m overwhelmed, encouragement, accountability, an outlet for confession, and who I can completely be myself around no matter what the situation. If you don’t have this type of friend, find them. You need it.

Congratulations Tim and Ashley!


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