Living For Likes — by Danny

LivingForLikes_BrooksHave you ever posted something on social media like a Sierra-filtered selfie, an artistically situated plate of food or a special angle pic of your cat expecting to break the Internet but instead only getting two likes? No? Oh, um, me neither.

Sadly, the truth is I have. This is not a plea for more likes on my photos or for more friends. One of my favorite pastors to listen to and read is Craig Groeschel. He just dropped a great podcast on this very issue. Check it out if you get a minute, but for now here is my take on it.

In today’s social-media-driven world, we find ourselves being who others want us to be rather than who we were made to be. We hide certain posts because we did not get the response we want, thinking to ourselves, “maybe if you guys don’t like it maybe I won’t like it anymore, either.” We hold off on posting inspirational things we feel led to post because we know the video of the guy getting hit in the junk will pull double the comments. We get a portion our self worth from the amount of likes and comments we receive. The trouble is there are never enough likes. There are never enough comments. When we peak on one post, we NEED to drop another one and fast! The satisfaction is temporary.

There is no need to filter who you are. We compare everything we see with what we have and feel like we are not good enough. Steven Furtick said it this way: “We compare our behind-the-scenes lives with other peoples highlight reels.” It is so true. As you scroll Facebook and see Caribbean vacations and steak dinners, you look around at your boring house and sloppy joes all the while starving your self-confidence and feeding envy.

The screen begins to veil our eyes of what the truth really is and that veil hardens our hearts with envy. When we are living for likes it brings out darkness from inside of us. We become envious of everything that is getting more screen attention than our “thing.” It is time to remove the veil and free ourselves to be ourselves.

1But whenever someone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. 17 For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. — 2 Corinthians 3:16-17

The truth is we are all longing for that freedom … that no-strings-attached you-love-me-the-way-I-am freedom. We are settling for I will live in constant chains doing what I think will get me one more thumbs up, retweet, or heart. Let Christ remove the veil and show you how valuable you being you really is. He loves you forever and always just the way you are.


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