Who Are You? — by Jesse

WhoAreYou_QuirozThat’s right; it’s another blog about my baby … sort of.

We are about six weeks and some change into parenting this little bundle of BEAUTIFUL! I still find myself awestruck that God has allowed me to be this girl’s daddy.

I took this pic a couple of days ago because this is pretty much what you get when you experience an ‘awake’ Aisha Quiroz (aside from the occasional cry or diaper change). The majority of what she does is what you see in this pic, she simply stares at you.

Every day, her eyes in constant scan mode over my facial features. It’s interesting to see her visually drinking in every movement of my mouth when I speak; it’s so cute how she looks at me when I sing to her … it’s a look that seems to be curiously asking the question, ‘Who are you?’

That’s a question that can only be answered over time. And my goal is for that answer to be a loving, caring, faithful father … and that answer is going to require my faithfulness.

Are you ready for the parallel?

When I first stepped into my relationship with God (September 15, 1993 as a troubled 15-year-old), my first question was just that. ‘Who are you?’ And over time, that question has been and continues to be answered.

For the last 22 years I have found myself in many moments DRENCHED in His provision coming through in my life. I cannot even count the moments I hear His voice possess the thoughts of my mind in a time of prayer as He speaks words of love and guidance to me.

‘Great is YOUR faithfulness.’ Lamentations 3:23b

God is a FAITHFUL father. He is there when I need Him and there when I don’t feel I need Him. He is ALWAYS there and has ALWAYS BEEN there!

If you’re just getting your proverbial ‘feet’ wet into your relationship with God and are asking the same question … just watch. He will answer that question over time, I promise – wait, HE promises!

And if you’ve been walking with Him for a while now, be encouraged to take some and do what Jeremiah did in the verse above, just thank Him for His faithfulness in your life.

Thank you Father for WHO YOU ARE!


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