Take The Time — by Angel

TakeTheTime_LayherIt’s 7:20 a.m., and I have been awake since 5:50 a.m. I have checked TimeHop, Instagram and Facebook; taken a shower, got my kiddos up, dressed, fed and dropped off at school; decided what will be for dinner tonight and set the meat out to defrost (spaghetti, yum J). I ran an errand, played a game of Pet Rescue Sage, checked the schedule for the week and communicated to the kiddos who is going where, when and how, and am ready to settle in at work for the day.

Sounds like a productive morning so far. I have got everything organized and ready. I have taken care of everyone’s need for a successful start to their day. I can now fully concentrate on the task of my ‘job.’

When I reflect on what I have done so far today, I ask myself this very important question: “What have you done today?” Seems silly since I read the above list as I have done quite a bit and it’s still early. However, what have I REALLY done? Hang on, this is the uncomfortable part …

I turned off the phone notification that said ‘read my bible app for 5 minutes,’ I hit snooze on my alarm for an extra 10 minutes instead of praying and talking to God, I rushed through the task of the morning instead of praying with my kiddos, I thought about how tired I was in the shower and what was on the schedule for the week instead of listening for what God may want to say. Let’s be real … I was too busy with “being productive” and I did not leave room for Him.

So, this is not a ‘beat-yourself-up-for-trying-to-have-a-productive-day’ or get all the things we are responsible for done kind of thing, but rather an encouragement.

  • I encourage you to start your day with a prayer; it can be quick “thanks God for waking me up and giving me responsibilities to take care of.”
  • I encourage you to pray with and for your kids (the school hallways can be a scary and overwhelming place).
  • Take time for yourself to just listen (the shower is a great place to just listen, no words needed).
  • I encourage you to look on the bible app before you look at the overwhelming amount of social media at your fingertips; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will wait.
  • Mostly, I want to encourage you to keep God in the center of it all.

I can assure you the ‘task’ of the day will get done, so do the MOST important thing and spend some time with your God, every day!


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