Brothers In Arms — by Steve

Community_MillerThis past weekend, I was privileged enough to be one of 27 men from Troy, Missouri, to travel to a small private lake in Niles, Michigan, to take part in a life-changing men’s retreat called MoMentum. We banded together and drove 400 miles to Life Action Camp to experience what we expected to be a watershed event in our lives. It did not disappoint. We built community.

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.
—Proverbs 17:17

Community2_MillerIn our culture, men are told to be independent. They are sold a false bill of goods that says you need to be strong and “be a man.” Well, what in the heck does that look like? God has lots of things to say about what a man is or should be, but at the top of the list is not independent.

“I’ve got this,” is a phrase that is used often by men, in one form or another. We say it to ourselves; we say it to others. And, most times, we DO have got whatever “this” happens to be. But sometimes, we run across a hill we can’t climb alone. And, of course, that doesn’t always mean we will admit it willingly. “I’ve got this” often originates from our need to project images of manliness and self-sufficiency. And stubbornness. Even when it becomes obvious the ‘this’ is bigger than what ‘I got,’ we still hang on, alone.

Community3_MillerWhile some things are too big for us alone, none is too big for Holy Spirit-infused communities of men—standing together, praying together, holding each other accountable, and keeping one another encouraged. That’s why times like this past weekend at MoMentum are so monumental in men’s lives. We had a breakthrough. We saw that we need each other; that connection is healthy and needed, and that standing together is SO much better than trying to stand alone. It was a fusion of lives, of churches (Journey Church and Calvary Chapel) and of purpose.

Men, women, young and old alike … we need community. Join us in building it, maintaining it and living the life God promised inside of it. Let’s do this TOGETHER.


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