I Am Not Alone — by Sandy

Alone_SaMillerAlone time is surely needed in our lives. Sometimes we need to withdrawal from life’s crazy schedule just to have peace and quiet. My heart remembers how hard that was for me as a young mom. So all you young mommas out there, I can relate! However, it is true for women and men alike. We all need some quiet time in our life in one form or another.

We also should be spending time alone with God on a daily basis as we listen, talk and grow our relationship with our Heavenly Father. To be isolated, however, is different from that quiet and alone time. Isolation is a tactic that Satan uses to defeat us, to have us withdrawal and many times flee. When we realize that we are not alone we usually can turn that defeat into victory in the battle. One of my favorite artists is Kari Jobe. She has a song called, “I Am Not Alone”. It is beautiful in lyrics and in melody. Take a listen for yourself.


The song speaks of God going before us and never leaving us. It is pure encouragement for sure. I believe wholeheartedly we, too, need a sense and confident assurance that we are not alone. Many times we can find our way out of isolation by relating to a friend, spouse, confidant or peer. I have personally been pulled out of my funk by the words of a wise friend, my husband and even my adult children. My faith walk grows me but my comrades pull me back onto the path many times when I just don’t have the strength for faith.

I thank God many times for the friends and people I have in my life. They have been rocks that have built my faith, kept me walking on the path and sometimes the stones they have had to throw at me that knocked me to my senses. For those who have stood in that place of showing me I am not alone, thank you. And I thank God for you!


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