Come Out & Play — by Jake

ComePlay_LawreneTime doesn’t even make sense. Tomorrow (October 9) my wife, Nancy, and I will have been married for 11 years. Eleven.

What the?!

If there’s one thing I’m confident I ever did right, it was choosing to marry my best friend. Most importantly, I knew she was my best friend BEFORE we got married.

Funny thing is, though, that ‘at first sight’ I thought she was kind of a brat. We came from totally different backgrounds and families. However, once we took the time to hang out, there was no doubt that this chick was cool.

While getting to know each other, before dating, I would write her ridiculous poems. They definitely did the trick. While I don’t write them so much these days, below is one I gave her a few months ago that pretty much describes the beginning of our relationship; definitely from the point of view of a quiet-shy-never been smooth with the ladies-Midwestern kid in a new place around new people.

“You walked right on by
Barely said ‘Hi’
The very first time we did meet

Putting up your hair
Showing no flair
At the corner of Hana and Ulumau Street

The moment was done
Just another someone
So I kept right on eating my snacks

But one day you did say
‘Come out and play’
Made me stop dead in my tracks ”

Happy Anniversary, Nancy! Thanks for asking the shy kid to come out and play.


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