Cyber Christians — by Danny

CyberChristian_BrooksSocial media and the Internet have brought us a new avenue of outreach and growth in our everyday lives. There are a lot of encouraging posts and uplifting messages as I scroll through my Facebook and Twitter feeds that help me start my day off right.

But there are also a lot of posts of negativity and gossip. Social media has broken our society of something that we used to value … self-control. It has been an outlet for where there is almost no accountability. It has also made some of us a bit schizophrenic, a state characterized by a state of coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements, in the way we act online compared to the way we act in real life.

Where there is no accountability there is no need for self-control. In one life, real life, you know stealing is wrong, lying is wrong, being hateful and mean is wrong, so you most like avoid doing these things because you know the consequences will be coming soon. In the other life, the cyber life, these rules blur because of self validating thoughts like it’s not hurting anyone really, I will never meet that person anyway, or because by the time I see them again they won’t remember. The biggest problem with that is eventually your two lives mesh into one. One train of thought will overtake the other.

There is also the opposite effect happening where we can look online and see posts of inspirational memes and scripture, but they are not lived out in our real lives. People will post in awe of God’s goodness, but we live like He is not interested in what we are doing or where we are. We shout with pictures on the power of scripture, and walk around with defeat in our voice and on our face. It is almost like the person we are online is the person we want to be and the person walking around is the person we are stuck being.

This is craziness! Jesus is not scrolling through your posts hoping to see you posting amen in all caps and then living in unbelief. Jesus isn’t looking for your Facebook rants in His defense. Social media can be a tool … a great tool. It should be a reflection of you, which should be a reflection of Christ. But, if you are trying to reflect Christ online while not being yourself in real life you might as well power down because honestly, you’re not fooling anyone. It’s a joke we are all tired of laughing at.

Come out from behind the screen and start creating real life change as well! Get involved in your church, join a small group and serve somebody. Be the person you should and can be.


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