The Chase — by Morio

TheChase_MWrayLast week, I had the opportunity to work with a couple guys from church. While pulling into the gas station that most locals call Hilltop, we were rear-ended. Not a big deal, right? I mean, we were all shocked but no one was injured. The real shocker came when the vehicle that hit us took off down the street!

So, of course, Shawn gave chase while Mike and I tried to keep an eye on the vehicle we ASSUMED was running from the scene of the accident. Immediately, I’m thinking the worst about the person in the fleeing car so I grab my phone and am about to call the police, but was told to, “See how this plays out.” So we follow the car at speeds only rivaled by the famous O.J. Simpson slow-speed chase (20mph), and to our surprise ended up leading us to a church not too far away.

We pull up in the parking lot and the car very nonchalantly pulls into a parking space and stops. The driver gets out; she is visibly upset but pays no attention to us pulling in behind her. Shawn gets out and informs the lady that she had just hit him but did not stop. Her response was, “That’s why my beans flew all over the car.” She went on to say that she had just prepared the pot of beans for a funeral that was happening later on in the morning and that she was very sorry she had hit him and didn’t even realize it had happened.

Now to some of us, it seems almost impossible to believe that someone could run into another vehicle and not realize it. But how many times a day are we so focused on life’s events that we miss what’s going on right in front of us? Long story short … no police were called, we prayed with her and all involved were blessed by the situation.

You know, if it were up to me, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the chance to see God work in this situation (first because I would have called the police), but God used a good friend and a special situation to remind me that sometimes EVERYTHING IS NOT AS IT APPEARS!

More importantly, this is just the message I needed in my life. God is so amazing; He used us to help the lady, and the lady to show himself present in my life at a time I needed Him most. Oh, and by the way, nothing was wrong with either car … just dusted off a little rust.

So, go on out today and don’t miss ANY opportunity for God to speak into your life … even if you have to chase them down.


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