Look Around — by Tim

CoffeeShop_OverstreetRight now I am sitting in a coffee shop in town, here in Troy, Missouri. I love to sit and listen to conversation; I guess really it is people watching.

There are so many convos happening right now – everything from a older couple talking about their children and grandchildren, to friends seeing each other for the first time in a long time saying how much they have missed seeing each other. And there is all sorts of missions talk happening, which I love personally.

I want to make a point out of all of this and keep it short. There are so many lives, so many stories, so many people that surround us every day. I know sometimes our lives can be so hectic and fast that we forget to embrace real life. God created us to live in community and while I sit here drinking my coffee watching people embrace each other with a hug or a smile, it just reminds me of how good God is to interconnect us all together.

I love the book of James (not just because it’s a short book and I feel like a champ when I finish it) because it is so encouraging. I want to challenge you to read James Chapter 1 today and then think through it.

Take a minute today and watch some people, and then look at what God has made. It truly is amazing!


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