THE Church of Your DREAMS — by Jesse

DreamChurch_JQuirozMissy and I were in service this past Sunday, and during the announcements I started to get a little emotional. She probably found it weird that I was near tears during the part of the service where the focus is simply to inform our church about upcoming events.

But, as I watched two team members (who I didn’t even know existed before we planted this church) stand up on a platform in a building (that I never knew existed before we planted this church) and share with passion to hundreds of people (most of whom I didn’t know existed before planting this church) I just sat there grateful to God for His faithfulness toward this dream called ‘Journey Church’ that He put in our hearts seven years ago this month while in Columbus, Ohio. I leaned over to Missy in that moment and said ‘Seven years ago, this was all just a dream.’

And it’s true – seven years ago, it was just ME and something I saw ONLY when I closed my eyes. And now, seven years later … it is right in front of my eyes.

God is faithful.

I looked back at the VERY FIRST blog I ever wrote (dated February 11, 2009); it was the day we left Ohio to move to Missouri. It was titled ‘Let the JOURNEY Begin!’ and this is what it said:

“WELL … I want to be the first to welcome you to what I believe to be the start of something that will literally bring a ‘GOD’ impact to the St. Louis area. ‘Journey Church’ is a Non-Denominational church-plant that will open its doors on June 7 of this year in Lincoln County, and know the doors are open to ANYONE. 

If you hate church…just wait. If your experiences with people that go to church are ‘negative’ (and that’s a nice word to insert) to say the least … hang on … or if you’re just not too sure about the whole ‘God-thing’…you are what we want. And trust me, you’ll have never seen a church quite like this one.”

I remember typing that last line feeling so hopeful that God will come through on this dream He put in my heart. It’s surreal and absolutely amazing to see that He not only has come through, but in ways that have surpassed what I ever thought Journey Church could be.

Another thing I have found is this ‘dream’ was never just mine.

In meeting all of these people since planting Journey, I have found that this was their ‘dream’ too, and TOGETHER we enjoy God’s faithfulness in what He is doing through this church.

So with that, if you’re reading this and you don’t have a church family, I invite you to join us this Sunday, and check out what may in fact be, the church of your ‘dreams’.


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