OUR Kids Need You — by Morio

Mandela_WrayI was recently asked a very important question: “Why do you have to be so involved in the lives of young people?” Now don’t take me wrong as it was asked in a joking manner, but as you can see I felt a need to answer!

I thought about it briefly, and heard a familiar voice say, “BECAUSE THE BEST ADVICE IS A GOOD EXAMPLE!” Ironically, it was this ADVICE and his EXAMPLE that put me in a position to be asked that question.

With the Junior Trojan Football season starting up, I was blessed with the opportunity to help coach my older boys’ team. We’ve played with the same group of young men and a young lady for nearly four years now and have built some amazing relationships not only with the players but parents as well.

By just being there supporting, encouraging and even giving them trouble at times, they began to trust me and believe that I had their best interest in mind. I wasn’t there to watch football; I was there to watch young men and women grow and learn life lessons on the field that could be applied to their everyday lives. How else will they learn unless we’re there to teach them? Being present and positive are two of the most significant things we can do.

The children are our future! Future leaders, future doctors, future teachers, or a plethora of future negative things that I would rather not list. I encourage you to be a voice, speak into our future. Let the youth know that you’re there, because THEY DON’T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY UNTIL THEY KNOW THAT YOU CARE!


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