Daddy’s Little Girl — by Steve

DaddysLittleGirl_1_MillerThey say “Life is a Vapor.” Savor every moment, they say. Cherish even the bad days when your kids are little because they are gone in a flash. Say WHAT? Well, as it turns out, “they” are right.

Tomorrow (Friday), Sandy and I will be driving our baby girl, Alyson, to Springfield Missouri to drop her off at Evangel University to begin her post-home life. We get to spend the weekend DaddysLittleGirl_2_Millerat EU doing interesting and cool “get to know Evangel” types of things, but in essence the whole thing is a build up to one moment – THE Good-bye. (It’s time for a new laptop because this stupid screen keeps fogging up.)

I’m sure it will be a great weekend for us, our final weekend with our little Alsie who is all grown up now. It’s not like there won’t be great times of sharing and bonding and family time spent together in DaddysLittleGirl_3_Millerthe future because there will be. But it WILL be different. This is our final time of saying see-ya to the little girl that has lived and grown and passed gas in our home for the past 18 years. It will be bittersweet. But Sandy and I are doing our very best to celebrate this great big new beginning for Alyson.

Much like the times in every one of our lives where one season ends and another starts, it is equal parts dread DaddysLittleGirl_Grad2_Millerand celebration, alpha and omega. For one thing to begin, another must end. Whether we like it or not, it’s just the way things work. I’m trying to think of it this way … when I mature to a place where I’m ready to take the next big step in my life/faith, does God sit there and dread it, wishing I would stay young, immature, less developed? Certainly not! Jesus and the angels are having a high-five fest over my life. So as a loving parent that strives to model God to my children, I MUST do the same.


Standing on the shore sending her into the waves …

As Sandy and I prepare for what is sure to be an emotional weekend, I have to constantly remind myself that we, above everything else, desire to live godly lives. We want to mirror His love, grace and vision for our children, all of them. Regardless of how badly we want to be selfish and hold her back, we simply cannot do that out of obedience. That is my prayer for us AND for you and your family. We should look to honor God with consistent growth, grace and giving.

While I’d love to hold Aly at home, we HAVE to let her fly. Like ‘they’ say, that preaches easy but lives hard. I KNOW God has such a big vision for her life. Like we all heard last week, just let it go.

Love to you today and always, baby girl.

Daddy (Steve)

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