Kids: The MOST IMPORTANT Ministry — by Jesse

“It’s a lot easier to build boys and girls, than to repair men and women.”
Bill Wilson (Founder – Metro Ministries)

I love that quote!

I am one of those pastors who believe that God wants EVERY church to have a thriving Children’s Ministry. It’s our calling as Christians to ensure that the gospel of Jesus Christ is handed down and installed into the next generation. It’s not an option, it’s our responsibility … and we should ALL gladly take on that responsibility with great honor. We absolutely LOVE the kiddos at our church and we take great effort in creating many avenues weekly to reach them with the love of Christ. One of those ways is our annual Kid’s Camp, which was just held this past week.

Kids Camp @ Journey is ALWAYS powerful, and some would argue it’s the most powerful time of ministry we experience as a church. Each year, it just gets better and better and this year was no different! We broke our attendance record again and the presence of God simply flooded the atmosphere as the little ones of our church soaked up all that God had for them.

KidsCamp1_Quiroz KidsCamp2_Quiroz KidsCamp3_Quiroz KidsCamp4_Quiroz KidsCamp5_Quiroz

Barna Research indicates that nearly half of all Americans who accept Jesus Christ as their savior do so before reaching the age of 13 (43 percent), and that people who become Christian before their teen years are more likely than those who are converted when older to remain “absolutely committed” to Christianity.

I know many preachers who have stated from their pulpits that it was in a Children’s Ministry or a Kids Camp where they made a decision for Jesus and made the decision to become a minister! What the heck?! That’s amazing. It all just validates our efforts to make KIDS a huge focus of our church.

I don’t think we can truly grasp the spiritual impact that was made this past week (and every week in our children’s ministry) with boys and girls who will grow up with a love for their God, raise Godly families, experience their life’s purpose and calling, and embrace a Christian life that was installed into their beginnings. But the impact IS happening and I believe heaven rejoices behind every effort every church and every Christian takes to ensure they’re getting it.

Special thanks to Nancy Lawrence for these pictures. She did an incredible job capturing countless unforgettable moments.

‘If I could relive my entire life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God.” D.L. Moody (1837-1899)




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