First Five — by Sandy

First5_SaMillerThis week I invited the ladies of Journey to join me in a challenge. It is called the “First 5”. It is a commitment to start our day by devoting the first five minutes to God and His Word.

Before you open Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or turn on the TV, we ask that you allow the First Five minutes to be spent in His WORD. The app even has an alarm to wake you up. The response has been WAY COOL!  (If you want to join, go to

And really it is not just for women, you guys can join as well.

The ladies have a discussion group going on the Savor group page on Facebook. It has been pretty neat to see how a simple five minutes can weave us together not only with God, but with each other. I love the different angles we each take even though we are reading the same words and devotion. I know God is honoring this time not only with Him, but honoring each of us agreeing that “this is good”.

What I absolutely love about Journey Church is that we don’t play church. We come as we are, we realize we are all sinners and are all trying to become less like us and more like Christ. I see that evidenced through this adventure this past week. On our discussion page, no one is preaching, we are sharing our struggles, challenges, how we can grow in God and improve our walks. It is absolutely the most pure, raw and deep discussion group I have ever been a part of and I LOVE IT!

I think this is what Jesus meant when He called us to disciple one another. The definition of disciple means to teach or to train, but wrapped in that definition I think it can also mean to care, share, encourage and exhort.

Love doing this with you all and if you want you can join any time and give Him your First 5.


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