Opening Gifts — by Steve

Gifts_MillerIt is Christmas morning and you’re lying there in bed, just dying in anticipation of Mom and Dad saying to come open presents. Or it’s your birthday and you can’t wait for dinner to end so you can rip into your gifts. Am I right? Who doesn’t like to open gifts and see what treasures are buried beneath the beautiful paper and bows. It’s one of life’s universal truths.

Most, if not all, of us love to be given a gift from someone else. Buying it for ourselves is OK; we still get the thing in question, but it is just not the same. When someone else takes the time, goes to the trouble and gets something just for me … it does make a difference. We ALL LOVE to know someone else values us enough to do that.

And we all recognize the POF – post-opening face. Some of us are really good at disguising how thrilled (or not) we are with the gift given. You know the feeling. Aunt Agnes gives us a too-small for mankind knitted hat with acorns on the side … again! You smile through your teeth and try to keep from throwing it across the room. And don’t act like you don’t.

But what about when the gift comes from God? No amount of fake smiling will do any good. He knows what you are thinking and feeling. In James 1:17 it tells us that “every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights …” But are we always happy with what he gives us? Certainly not.

His gifts come in all shapes and sizes – everything we have from stuff (homes, cars, clothes) to skills (talents, experience, abilities) to spiritual (wisdom, mercy, discernment, faith). He made us all different, but perfect. You are exactly as he designed you. Be as pleased with you as He is. Embrace what he has given and how he has gifted you. (For starters, see 1 Cor 12 and Romans 12.)

And if you’re not sure what “spiritual” gifts you have, ask me about. Sandy Miller and I would love to help you dig into the details.


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