Unhealthy Appetites — by Missy

IceCream_MQuirozYou know my favorite thing is ice cream, and it doesn’t have anything to do with being pregnant, either. I have always loved sugar; like many of those sugar addicts out there it’s nearly impossible to turn down a delicious slice of pie (like the one I had last night at a family’s house from our church).

Over the years, I have learned the headaches that have plagued me since I was a kid are linked to the times I would devour lots of sugar. So I now live with the dilemma to indulge knowing that I will suffer the consequences later.  It’s a constant struggle for me to make the commitment and decision.

While I am in pain I never want to eat sugar again and then to feel better and forgetting so quickly all about what had just happened. I believe that discipline plays a huge part in our relationship with God.  God gives us boundaries in life to protect us from the things that are not good for us and we have to have the will and desire when it’s hard to be able to say no.

There will be many times, however, where we will fail and have to get up and try again without being discouraged with ourselves.  It is OK to fail because in that failure we can learn that we are strong enough because all it takes is not giving up.

I have conquered the sugar cravings in the past so I know it is possible. And yet today, I know that I am still working each day to keep sugar to a minimum and as I strive to keep my flesh from being in charge. I know this will create confidence that I can conquer and complete many other things in life.

And I know that we all desire that willpower to accomplish the things that seem impossible.


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