Why Do Fish Bite? — by Tim

Fishing_OverstreetHave you ever wondered why fish bite and impale themselves on sharp hooks? Every time I catch a fish, I think to myself … what a stupid fish; I tricked it! Then every once in a while, you catch a fish that already has a jacked-up lip from being caught before, these are the really dumb fish.

So why does a fish bite on a fake lure? Because the lure looks so good, that’s why. It moves in a way that looks appetizing. Fish bite because they react to something that looks so good, they just go for it without checking it out first. Sometimes they are very smart, though.

Some of you might be thinking to yourselves, ‘Tim what the heck are you talking about?’ Well let me make this short and simple. How many of us bite at sin like a fat bass goes for a fake lure? We know it’s bad or we just don’t care and do it anyway and end up with quite a few holes in our lips.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about sin. There are so many things wrong in this world and sin is the leading cause. If we all would just do what His Word says, think about what are world would look like! I’ve heard it said like this before: “We are all under construction.” I guess we just have to decide what we allow to be built in our lives.

Romans 12 (read it!)

I have been on this earth almost 34 years now, and I have lived on both sides of this world both literally and figuratively speaking. I want to encourage you today … just because you have a fat lip from sin hooks guess what, God is good and He loves you, cares about you, and He cannot wait to get to you.

Take it from me, a guy that was so far gone I didn’t think I could be loved. Now some of things I thought looked good really just don’t have the same appeal. So I know you can do it; if God can use me I know he can use you.


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