Why Can’t I Finish — by Danny

Netflix_BrooksMy Netflix account has seen many a series left unfinished. I just can’t seem to commit to the end of a lot of the best series I have ever experienced. It doesn’t matter how much I like them … eventually I become bored and just start something new. That is unless I watch them with Brittany. If Brittany and I are into a series, we will watch even an average series to the end.

There is something about investing in something together. Common ground can be such an adhesive that we will stick to something just because we are in it together. I am starting a new ministry transition, and I could not be happier to invest with the team I am now part of.  Ministry has a way of wearing on you.

When you first dive into a new ministry, there are fireworks and floating hearts. Then there is drama … then there is failure … and finally disappointments. There are days you say to yourself, “Why? Why am I doing this?” The one thing that always sustains me in ministry is not necessarily the people I minister TO, but the people I minister WITH.

I love working with a team that has like-minded passions, and that is exactly where I am now with Journey Kids. Just like with Netflix, I can’t do ministry alone. I love being a team member and that is where I am the happiest. If you find yourself hanging by a thread in your faith or just feeling empty inside I encourage you to find a team. There is nothing like a group of people heading toward one purpose.


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