How Can It Be? — by Sandy

Commissioned_SaMillerAs I sit and listen to the lyrics of this song, I become overwhelmed seeing the life that God has orchestrated for me. Who am I that God would love me so much to …

“Plead my cause, right my wrong, to break my chains, to overcome. He gave His life to give me mine. How can it be?” – Lauren Dagle

If you don’t know this song, I encourage you to hit the link to listen to this beautifully performed piece of music. I left out one key verse to the chorus, which says; “You say that I am free,” and it struck deep in me to realize that I am free! And this week we heard that “freedom” from Galatians 5:1 isn’t free to do what I WANT TO DO, but what I SHOULD DO! Wow!

Now this ‘should do’ logically speaks to morals, character and integrity, which for sure are very important in walking the Christian journey. But this ‘should do’ to ME is more of a God-given dream, a calling. It is what God created me to be. And when I think of that, my mind sprints to the GREAT COMMISSION! Matt 28:19

If you ever want to really wrap your mind around this verse, read “Radical” by David Platt. But I should warn you, it WILL CHANGE you. Or how about James 1:27? Does God call us to be good (the what we should do) OR does he call us to change the world or someone’s world by sharing Jesus with them? Being good is called RELIGION; living out His calling is COMMISSIONED!

I want to encourage you to ask God about that calling in your life? He will fill in the rest as he lavishes His vision for your life. Let Go and LET HIM!


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