I’m on a Boat — by Tim

Boat1_OverstreetLet me tell you a bit about my brother!

I remember as kid looking up to my older brother, Tracy, and I thought he was so cool because he was in the Navy. I was able to visit him once when I was around six. I got to take a tour of the submarine he worked on while visiting family in California.

After the Navy, he started working with Youth With A Mission (YWAM); he would speak at our church every now and then when he was home from his world travels. Of course, I would feel like a rock star at the end of the service because I knew he would be coming back to the house and everyone was trying to talk to him. I guess I’ve always looked at him like a super hero!

Soooooo … I’m on a boat and guess who the skipper is? That’s right, my brother, Tracy. I got a call last November from Tracy and his awesome wife, Elizabeth. Both of them were on speaker phone together and there was an excitement I could feel coming from the other end of the line. Tracy said, “Tim, how would you like to go sailing in the British Virgin Islands for free?” Ummmmmm … yesss!

He started to teBoat2_Overstreetll me he has always dreamed of having his family on a boat together sailing. So while at a boat show, they filled out a form entering a contest for a free seven-night, eight-day sailing trip for up to 10 people in the BVIs. God is good, people. He knows the desire of our hearts and makes it happen in the craziest ways! It’s not just words in a book. It is Truth.

While on the trip, one night sitting around the table, we started talking about how cool God is. How were “we” not a rich family by any means and yet we were handpicked to spend such an awesome time together as a family in such a beautiful place? As we talked about all sorts of things, one particular thing stood out. We started talking about past missions trips we had each been on separately. During the conversation, we realized that half of the world’s countries one of us around that table had stepped foot on. My Dad kind of got choked up even talking about it. I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt seeing Dad in that moment.

I guess you could say this is a celebration blog. Celebrating the love that Christ has shown our family, celebrating life that we get to live, celebrating and rejoicing over a God that cares so much about one person out of billions on this earth that He decides to grant my brother his dream of sailing with his family.

Family is for life, whether in blood or in Christ.
God Bless.


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