Closer to the Edge — by Jake

HalfDome_LawrenceMy wife was not stoked to see the this image. Two weeks ago, I was able to go on a quick trip to Yosemite National Park. Our main objective was to hike the world famous Half Dome trail. We conquered the dome without shattering any world records for speed and displayed less than stellar endurance. But we made it none the less.

At the top of Half Dome was a 360-degree view of Yosemite Valley and the Rocky Mountains.  It was an incredible site!

What was just as impressive, though, was the fact that we were perched atop a rock nearly 5,000 feet off the valley floor. It was mesmerizing to peer down below and see trees that were actually 80 feet tall look like specs of dirt.  And keeping you from going over the edge of the cliff? Nothing.

In a country where everything is roped off and boundaries are continually been marked by signs, here there was no rail, no rope and no official standing guard. The only thing keeping me from taking an extra step was my own self-preservation. Of course, I have no desire to do such a foolish thing, but I was so fascinated by the view that I wanted to get as close to the edge as I could. I justified getting just close enough to what could be my potential destruction to satisfy my wonderment.

In the above photo (which was actually taken at a look-out spot across from the dome, the day after the hike) I decided to go sit close to the edge. Of course, though, the closer I got the more comfortable I became. Then I would see another spot nearer to the actual ledge and I would contemplate going to that. I didn’t do anything foolish, obviously, because I am here to tell the tale.

I say all of that to say that it’s easy to justify allowing yourself to get close to something you know may not be good for you. We are masters at convincing ourselves that we can handle one step closer. While we may be confident that our footing is solid, we are all prone to slipping. This is why it’s good to set boundaries. Our relationships, the places we go, what we allow into our homes … they all benefit from standards we set for ourselves.

Going outside your boundaries will always be your choice. So before allowing yourself to take the first step toward your edge, be sure the view is worth it.


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