Love, Marriage & A Mountain — by Danny

Marriage_BrooksHow do I start to talk about Brittany Keim Brooks? She is like an onion … LAYERS! (Shrek reference) You probably shouldn’t start a blog about your wife by referencing a movie about an ogre, but here we are.

We fell in love the way most people do. It all started with a conversation about food. We both dislike icing and come to find out most people love icing. The rebels that we are unified us in an argument with a group of others on a bus we were traveling on. That conversation gave life to more conversations that led to a relationship that is now going on like 9 years or something like that; I will have to fact check with her.

She is the brains of this operation as if that was ever in question. She has a drive that propels our lives forward. She is the decisiveness to my indecision. She is the laser pointer when I get distracted, but enough about her let’s talk about ME. I am the break time to her workaholic-ness. I am the misspelled made-up word to her perfect sentence. I am the smile that can’t leave her face because she is remembering the last goofy thing I did. We go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding. We balance each other.

This was never more evident to me than it was this last week when we climbed a mountain together. We started the accent at 5 a.m. At about 8 a.m., I noticed she started to slow down. She looked up at me and said “Sorry, I am slowing you down; you can go ahead.” I thought to myself “Who does she think she is talking to?” So I looked into those beautiful multi-colored eyes and said “We climb this mountain together or we don’t climb it at all.”

So we took our time, and we struggled through some tight muscles and dehydration. Setting attainable goals we went from log to log and rock to rock. Did I have to motivate and push her sometimes? Yes. Did she want to give up at one point? Yes. By 11:30a.m., we reached the top … together. We made it to our dream.

Then came the descent. She was ROLLIN’. My knees could not take the pressure of the constant downward push. I was STRUGGLIN’ bad once we reached the halfway point. My right foot had slid to the front of my shoe so many times that my big toe had become just a bruise. Directly after the halfway point I sprained my right ankle and I ran out of water. I am several paces behind our group at this point barely able to put one foot in front of the other. My legs and hands are swelling from dehydration. Lips are chapped and no saliva left.

My girl (who stayed right next to me the whole time) turns to me and says, “Take my water.” Take your water? I AM MAN!! I don’t take your water; you take my water. That is what I thought in that moment. The very next moment she shoved it into my face, and I drank it. Team Brooks in full effect.

We finally made it to the water station around 6 p.m. We made it back to camp around 7 p.m. and I realize the true meaning of love and marriage as I reflect on my day.


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